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DECCO社는 유럽의 Polsk, Suwalki 지역의 PVC Profile 전문생산업체입니다.
DECCO System은 유럽의 약 30여개국에 존재하며, 창호를 다로는 모든 고객들에게 높이 평가되고 있는 프로파일 입니다.
전문인력과 첨단장비, 지속적인 연구와 세심한 품질관리로 여러 인증을 획득하였으며 엄선된 제품으로 글로벌 리더로써 시장을 이끌고 있습니다.

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    The recognition of our brand in terms of quality and reliability is one of the primary objectives of our team.
    Therefore, we place particular emphasis on research and constant control. In addition to continuous monitoring of production through an integrated IT system, the guarantee of the highest quality is the work of our laboratory. Additionally, our profiles are subjected to tests in external laboratories in Poland and abroad. All this is done to ensure that we offer our customers a top-shelf product.

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    Our development is driven by the desire to create the most modern and innovative solutions. This philosophy is implemented both by our research and design division at the product creation phase, as well as the technological division during the production process. It is extremely important for us that all products meet the dictates of contemporary trends. Consequently, we place emphasis on ergonomics in combination with a unique design and advanced technology.

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    At DECCO we know that the basis for development is continuous work on improving and expanding our offer to meet the expectations of customers. The broad range of systems we offer is a reflection of the immense work put into the development of the DECCO brand since its inception. We are continuously expanding our offer of products, striving to create new solutions. The confirmation of our development are awards we have received such as Business Gazelle by Puls Biznes awarded to the most dynamically developing company in Poland or the inclusion of our company by the London Stock Exchange in the report “100 companies to inspire Europe”.

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    Modern design is increasingly present in every sphere of life. All the more, its role in our industry cannot be ignored. Therefore, our designers strive to combine the highest technology with functionality and modern designs in their work. This combination makes DECCO profiles the ideal answer to current trends in architecture.

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    We want the cooperation with DECCO to be synonymous with service satisfaction and contentment with the delivered product. The consultancy and customer service department places particular emphasis on listening to the needs and suggestions of our customers. They are an invaluable contribution to improving the work of our entire team. The opinion of our direct and indirect customers is of vital importance to us.